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Large Group Solutions

You have a broker that is bringing you the best benefits package they can to keep your employees happy while
attempting to limit the cost increase from last year (when was the last year you saw a decrease?).  But when was
the last time you set out to see what your employees really want?  A survey of your employees could find that
they love their current benefits package, they may have a specific benefit in particular they wish you would offer (time off to grieve for a pet is more valuable to some employees than maternity leave), or maybe they wish you could overhaul it all together.  We can take the time to survey your staff and put together an easy to understand outlook of where they wish their benefits went.  All of our information is intended for you to work with the broker of your choice.  If there is something you need our help implementing, we will be here for you.

When did you last do a beneficiary audit?  Something as simple as making sure the correct person is listed as
your employees beneficiary can make a big difference to the recipient. An outdated beneficiary doesn't help anyone.

Is your broker captive or partial to a certain carrier?  Have you even asked?  We are not captive and we will always do what is right for our client, not our wallet.  We are happy to present information on several carriers and help you compare to make sure you are aware of ALL of your options.  Find an option you like that we present and love your broker?  Take our research back to them.  Want us to implement our idea?  We can do that too!

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